Opinion: LeBron James chose this path, now he can walk it

by Peter Heck · Sep 17th, 2020 5:19 pm

Last Updated Sep 18th, 2020 at 7:59 pm

LeBron James has made the personal decision to become a left-wing activist that specializes in racial dissension. No one made that choice for him.

  • He is the one who has run with unsubstantiated rumors to push an anti-cop narrative
  • He is the one who has refused to apologize or retract when those rumors were proven false
  • He is the one who has used hyperbolic and irresponsible rhetoric to inflame passions
  • He is the one who has dangerously promoted the irresponsible narrative of black people being "hunted" the moment they step outside their door
  • He is the one who has misrepresented and demonized public figures who don't share his ideology

Again, that's his prerogative. But it comes with consequences. One of the great misconceptions that is consistently furthered by left-wing sports media types, is the bizarre belief that privileged athletes have every right to use their platforms and voices for what they believe in, but that underprivileged fans and citizens don't have a right to do the same.

Yes, LeBron and others in the pampered class may speak their mind. But everyone else may criticize and challenge what they say. There's no immunity from accountability just because you make millions and live in gated communities.

So when Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva boldly used his platform to call on LeBron James to assist in finding the animal who attempted an ambush assassination of two young police officers sitting in their patrol car – one of whom the mother of a 6-year-old little boy – he was completely and utterly justified in doing so.

Why single out James? Because James has singled out cops. It's really that simple, and those who bristled at it are either demonstrating rank phoniness, or mind-boggling entitlement.

Take race-baiting provocateur-by-trade Jemele Hill of the Atlantic. Hill herself had, quite predictably, already shared her thoughts on the attempted assassination of a young mom and her 27-year-old partner by tweeting her trademark compassion and goodwill,

"What happened to these officers was awful, but it's funny how the police want everyone else to be accountable but them."

When called on it, she decided to weigh in on the Villanueva/James situation because, why not.

First of all, thankfully the officers weren't murdered.

Secondly, there's just no way that Hill can be this dense. It simply has to be an act. To suggest that LeBron James is being bullied by a sheriff pushing a bad narrative, when that is the precise offense that James is guilty of committing with increasing regularity? The whole reason Villanueva singled James out is because he furthers bad narratives about the police in general, endangering their lives and playing games with the public safety.

LeBron has used his immense fame and wealth to openly bully law enforcement by advancing the flagrantly false narrative that police officers are "hunting" black people. He has furthered the dangerous and destabilizing myth that specific incidents of police shootings are proof of a systemic racism in police departments, and indicative of a universal war on blacks by those in blue.

Who knows but what the shooter of these two officers wasn't, at least in part, motivated by that very false premise James works so hard to amplify.

No one is saying that LeBron James pulled the trigger on those cops. What Sheriff Villanueva is saying is that given the star's penchant for impugning the character of the police while lamenting needless race-based violence, this would be the perfect moment for him to exhibit compassion and humility, setting a worthwhile example of moral leadership.

LeBron's silence and his surrogates' outrage over such a proposition is sad.

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