Opinion: Men can’t get pregnant, no matter how loud you shout

by Peter Heck · Nov 21st, 2019 3:36 pm

Last Updated Nov 21st, 2019 at 4:48 pm

I'm going to admit that I had no idea there was such a thing as "International Men's Day". Of course, given that we apparently celebrate "National Lima Bean Respect Day" every April 20th, I suppose the idea of honoring the various contributions men have made to the world isn't that big of a stretch.

But when I first saw the hashtag trending on Tuesday, I braced myself for what I was sure were going to be vitriolic and harsh condemnations of modern feminism's dual boogeymen: the patriarchy and toxic masculinity. And while there was some of that, I'll admit to being completely unprepared for the sizzling hot take emanating from the brain trust over at the American Civil Liberties Union:

Yes, they actually tweeted that out to their 1.7 million followers. And while the vast majority of responses they received looked similar to this:

…the fact that otherwise normal, functioning human beings could compose something so flagrantly anti-intellectual – and think they are champions for doing so – is simply mind-boggling.

I know those of us who are Christians and who operate from a fixed point-of-reference when it comes to determining right from wrong, good from bad, true from false, yes from no, logic from illogic, wisdom from folly, males from females, are regarded as complete backwoods buffoons amongst the cultural elites who spout the spirit of the age. But let me try offering a humble explanation for how this happens – how people come to say such absurd things.

If God is the foundation of all science, logic, reason, and morality (He is), then any rebellion to God and His established order will necessarily result in the rejection of all science, logic, reason, and morality. Romans 1:18-32 reads like a commentary of contemporary American culture for a reason.

When Paul wrote that letter in the first century, worldly men had rejected the knowledge of God and were therefore stumbling around morally rudderless, espousing illogical things, and embracing total debauchery. And today we have the ACLU filling that role as proud spokesmen of a new generation doing the same – rejecting the knowledge of God while arrogantly spouting off about men getting their periods.

I remain convinced that rather than being shocked and chagrined at what we should know is the predictable consequence of a worldview that defies God's moral order, we Christians should simply renew our commitment to testifying to the truth that all creation affirms.

This so that when modern day prodigals tire of the lies peddled to them by charlatans who think men can be women if they just shout it loud enough and repeat it often enough, we can be ready to welcome them back to reality.

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