Opinion: No, America is not at fault for Iran’s deadly incompetence

by Peter Heck · Jan 11th, 2020 3:03 pm

Last Updated Jan 11th, 2020 at 3:55 pm

Now that Iran has confessed publicly to what everyone with a brain already knew, it's time that many on the Democrat left, which, of course, includes their public relations wing we call the mainstream media, are held to account for their shameless "blame America first" impulses.

To be clear, I'm not referencing feckless leaders like disgraced Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whose deer-in-the-headlights press conference revealed a world leader too inept and pitiful to take seriously anyway. No, this is about the shameful conduct of those who humorously object whenever they are rightfully accused of sacrificing objectivity in order to blame Trump at all costs. People like the Atlantic's David Frum who posited this preposterous notion:

No American paid a price for President Donald Trump's decision to kill Iran's Qassem Soleimani. But it looks like 176 other people did, including 63 Canadian citizens and many more Iranian nationals en route to Canada.

Obviously, what Frum referenced here was the horrific tragedy that occurred last Wednesday when Iran launched two Russian-made surface-to-air missiles that brought down a Ukrainian passenger plane that had just taken off from a Tehran airport. Frum seemed to regard that action an intentional Iranian response to their terrorist military general Qassem Soleimani being killed in a U.S. airstrike.

To analogize this ignorance, here is a simplified rendering of Frum's argument: Your pet pit bull regularly attacks your neighbor's young children when they play in the backyard. After having warned you repeatedly, your neighbor stops the attacks by shooting your pit bull. In response, you get in your car and run over the family down the street who were totally uninvolved in the dispute. Then David Frum takes to the pages of the Atlantic and rather than place blame at your feet, argues that the run-over family paid the price for your neighbor's "escalation." A spectacularly dumb, morally stunted take.

Yet this is the current state of our polarized political environment. People on the left like Frum who are so desperate to find fault with anything, literally anything President Trump does – including the militarily and morally justified act of eliminating a terrorist mastermind – weave together logically bankrupt syllogisms like this:

  1. U.S. kills terrorist general responsible for hundreds of American deaths
  2. Iran accidentally murders civilians leaving their own airport
  3. Iran covers up evidence of their crime rather than taking ownership
  4. It's all President Trump's fault

Not that Frum is alone with this childishness. Lefty Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin, CNN's Susan Hennessey and Wolf Blitzer seem to have bought into the "Thanks, Trump" narrative as well. The latter conducted an interview with Democrat representative Jackie Speier, offering transparently leading questions like, "Do you think [Iran] assumed this was some sort of U.S. military plane?" And like any good, coordinated Democrat Media Complex collaboration, Speier was ready to smack the ball Blitzer had so delicately set on the tee:

"We need to remember how this all started. This has started from the time the president . . . reneged on the nuclear deal . . . He keeps ramping it up, and the result is that they respond."

Respond? In what universe would the disproportional attack on a civilian airliner be excusable because of anything the U.S. had done? And before anyone suggests these types of disgusting implications are confined to their political fringe, even leading Democrat presidential candidates are echoing the same. Whether it's Bernie Sanders:

Or Pete Buttigieg:

The crossfire? That's nothing more than a gross rationalization of this vile Iranian offense. Yet from top Democrat candidates to their shameless surrogates in media, the narrative they've settled on is as clear as it is stupid: In order to get back at the United States, the Iranians decided to shoot down a passenger jet full of civilians at their own international airport.

By doing so the left intentionally deflects the responsibility from where it should rightfully be placed – the terrorist regime that perpetrated the act, accident or not – and focus it instead on a president whom they despise. And the worst part? They think average Americans will buy it. They think they can get away with this morally grotesque misdirection.

Granted, it may sell the crowd that already hates Trump and wouldn't vote for him anyway. But for everyone else, this type of stuff reveals just how utterly and glaringly unfit his opposition in 2020 will be.

If anyone is still of the belief that Donald Trump cannot possibly be re-elected in 2020, let me issue this whole spectacle as Exhibit A in precisely why it's becoming increasingly likely that he will be.

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