Opinion: The lockdowns are illustrating how blinded liberal elites are by their own elitism

by Peter Heck · Apr 22nd, 2020 3:33 pm

We endured the homage to communism with their perhaps well-intentioned, but nonetheless ill-advised, "imagine no possessions" performance sung from sprawling mansions. We suffered the coddled starlet announcing that people dying was a small price to pay for her getting to stroll the red carpet before July, only to later "apologize" by blaming all of us for taking her comments out of context.

But now the Hollywood, entertainment glitterati implosion is plowing forward as two of their finest take center stage to slander and malign American citizens worried about providing for themselves and their families.

First Jimmy Kimmel, one of the myriad of left-wing talkers who hosts an alleged comedy program on late-night network television:

Given that over 40% of Americans report having either lost wages or lost their jobs entirely due to the nationwide pandemic lockdown, disparaging those people's desperation to return to work as an irresponsible death wish for them or others is at best uncharitable; at worst, it's malevolent stupidity.

And science offers wealthy leftists like Kimmel no quarter for this hackery. Consider some science that is peculiarly overlooked in most of these discussions:

Would it be fair to ask the late-night host why he wants those people to die, or would that be unfairly presumptuous? Is it possible that Kimmel would counter that he is concerned about people's economic health, but also wants us to be responsible with our re-opening of the country? If that's the case (and I believe it is), why can't he grant the same good-faith to those protesters he so eagerly vilifies?

Meanwhile, his fellow liberal comedian friend Patton Oswalt showed off his own intellectual merit by suggesting that until you've survived the Holocaust like Anne Frank, you should be content to endure economic ruin:

If you've ever seen commentators refer to our culture's "elites" and wondered precisely who they were talking about, these two men are providing excellent examples. Pay close attention to the shocking assumption underlying Oswalt's little pearl of wisdom here – that everyone at home has streaming television services like Netflix, that everyone at home has access to video games, that everyone at home has the ability to order carry-out, that everyone has money to carry them through a never-ending lockdown.

That's what defines elite thinking – an inability to perceive the condition of others, being so ingrained in a bubble of privilege and prosperity that it becomes impossible to think beyond their pampered lives and consider the plight of those who haven't gotten obscenely wealthy for, in these cases, a startling lack of comedic talent.

Don't misunderstand, I don't begrudge Oswalt or Kimmel their fortunes. I don't envy their mansions or lifestyles. I do, however, wish that they would ease up on lecturing hurting people who aren't sitting on mountains of cash, able to ride out months of lost wages and income without struggling for food and medicine, no less video games and Netflix.

Perhaps from their vantage point they see this as a political divide, and being bitter partisans themselves, they can't resist the urge to point and laugh at MAGA-world. But the truth is that despite the best efforts of both ideological camps, our view of this difficult balance between risking lives and risking livelihoods (and thus, lives as well) is likely going to be affected more by our geography than our politics.

There are a number of conservatives in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia who are leery about rushing back into normalcy, just as there are a number of liberals in Indiana, Texas, and Tennessee who are very fearful about their future if they can't get back to work soon.

So as we attempt to navigate all this, surely the least we could ask of our over-fed, overly privileged elites is to be respectful of those who don't have it so good; those who may be less concerned about getting to hang with friends at Fuddruckers and more concerned about getting their paycheck from their dishwashing job at Fuddruckers so they can feed their own family.

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