Opinion: Politicians lie, but why are Elizabeth Warren’s lies so obvious and dumb?

by Peter Heck · Feb 6th, 2020 1:07 pm

It's fairly safe to say at this point that the campaign playbook for the eventual Democrat nominee in 2020 isn't exactly going to be wide open.

  • Foreign affairs will be a tough sell given the continued deterioration of the al-Qaeda and ISIS leadership structure courtesy of the U.S. military.
  • Domestically, the economy will be an even tougher angle with nearly 60% of Americans saying they are better off financially this year than they were last, and almost 75% registering as optimistic they will be even better off next year.
  • There are, of course, the well-worn social issues of the day to discuss. But few of those have broad appeal, and none seem likely to precipitate a seismic shift amongst any significant portion of the electorate.

So what exactly is left?

Character. Honesty, integrity, forthrightness, moral propriety, and trustworthiness. A half-year campaign to tell the American people that they have it and Trump, whose periodic struggles with those attributes are well known, doesn't. I'm not saying it will work, just that it's seemingly the only realistic avenue available to the Democrat 2020 nominee.

This is also precisely why that nominee cannot be Senator Elizabeth Warren.

If honesty and trustworthiness are the only safe avenues the left has to travel in this election, they can't afford to put behind the wheel a woman who continues to demonstrate her non-exclusive relationship with the truth.

This is more than the Indian thing. Sure, thanks to the gross nature of the lie as well as the many nicknames and memes it has rightfully spawned, most people are aware that Warren registered as a Native American Cherokee while pursuing employment at diversity-obsessed Harvard Law. But it got worse.

Fewer know that in keeping up that whopper, Warren seems to have made from whole cloth (or deerskin as the case may be) a harrowing tale of enduring anti-Native American prejudice in her own family. And fewer still know that she contributed to a cookbook of Native American home recipes actually called Pow Wow Chow. Oh, and she plagiarized her portion.

What's worse, Warren didn't learn her lesson from this humiliating episode. Since declaring her candidacy, the Massachusetts Senator has told some of the most glaring, and easily noticed fabrications and falsehoods.

She claimed her children went to public school when it took less than 30 seconds for pajama-clad bloggers to debunk. When there is public information readily available showing that you sent your son to one of the most elite private schools in the country – one for only the uber-rich and well-placed in society – why posture that you sent him to Ridgemont High as though you won't be found out?

Ditto that for claiming, as Warren did, that she was fired from her teaching job after just one year simply for being pregnant. Not only did official records from the school show she was unanimously offered a second-year teaching contract, which she accepted and then later resigned, but she herself had given a completely different account herself years before. In that version, she chose to go to grad school and left her teaching job because she didn't think working with the disabled kids she was assigned to teach "was going to work out" for her.

Then there was the consistent campaign rhetoric of how her "daddy was a janitor." Her own brother has expressed "furious" indignation at that suggestion, saying their dad never worked a custodial job.

More recently Warren strategically leaked a claim that her rival Bernie Sanders had told her a woman couldn't be elected president despite Bernie's abject denial, and the existence of evidence that Sanders had urged Warren herself to run for president many times in the past. Oh, the leak occurred just before a presidential debate, setting up nicely for her to have a ready-made power rant in the chamber.

And just in the last 48 hours, the truth-averse Senator was drinking from the well of deception again. After spending weeks decrying the wealthy elites and their private jets, as well as criticizing their use as part of her support of the Green New Deal, Warren was seen stepping off a private jet on a Des Moines tarmac. Well, she was seen for a split second before she noticed the camera. At that point, she noticeably ducked behind a staffer and hid behind her all the way into the airport.

To call this behavior bizarre would be an understatement. Why a rational person would think that they would get away with such clumsy and easily disproven deceit, I don't know. And why they would think publicly calling for "criminal penalties" for anyone who spreads falsehoods regarding the upcoming election wouldn't turn them into a laughingstock, I also don't know.

But what I do know is that if Democrats hope to wage a "Trump is a liar" campaign these next few months, they probably want to leave Warren in the wigwam.

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