Opinion: President Trump can win in 2020 by doing this 1 thing

by Peter Heck · Jul 6th, 2020 4:44 pm

Last Updated Jul 7th, 2020 at 7:23 pm

Everyone seems to be ready to write President Donald Trump's electoral epitaph. Not that I blame them, given the current chaotic state of the country. Race riots have crippled our cities, a global pandemic lingers and has become dangerously politicized, the once roaring economy has been intentionally, even if necessarily, stifled, and there isn't a single individual at any mainstream press organization that believes Trump is ever worthy of receiving the benefit of the doubt.

And while it's true that the polls proved to be spectacularly wrong in the 2016 election, the current numbers are far more convincing for the Democrats than they ever were for Hillary.

But it's not over. The president's speech at Mount Rushmore convinced me of that. After seeing it, despite all of his shortcomings, I honestly think there is one thing that President Trump could do that would guarantee his re-election. One thing that would completely change the narrative of a frenzied and overmatched provocateur fiddling while his country burns.

That one thing? Focus like a laser on being the only thing standing between America and the leftist revolution.

Forget insulting Joe Biden over his lack of mental fitness. People can see for themselves and don't like elder abuse.

Forget defensively chiding and reacting to those who criticize the country's COVID response. Monday morning quarterbacks annoy more people than they persuade.

Forget bragging about the economy pre-coronavirus. That was then.

What the majority of people are about is their ability to live safe, undisturbed, and profitable lives. They like this country and want the stability and security it has always afforded them.

Believing their own riot-fomenting media allies, the Democrat Party has dreadfully overplayed its hand in recent weeks. Maybe it's more a matter of having created a Frankenstein and now not being able to control it. You certainly get that impression when you watch Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer uncomfortably don Kente cloth for a photo op before totally butchering George Floyd's name in floor speeches.

The brakes have come off on the left, and the train they are beckoning America to climb into is hurtling towards a cliff unable to stop its dizzying momentum. Robert E. Lee statues must go, then Abe Lincoln monuments, then one of the country's most beloved, enduring landmarks, Mount Rushmore itself.

Being ideologically paralyzed to the point that you can't defend memorials to Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, or even Teddy Roosevelt, the founder of modern progressivism, is bad enough, but it's only the beginning.

Democrats in Congress have proven they are unwilling to even join a non-binding resolution condemning mob violence as destructive and un-American.

The political left has made the catastrophic error of believing America is like the Twitter mob. They aren't.

All President Trump has to do is make the 2020 election about this. All he has to do is run ads demonstrating the lawlessness that is ruining lives, families, communities, and cities, and then ask his opponent if he condemns it.

All President Trump has to do is run videos of white Black Lives Matter radicals screaming the "n-word" in the face of black police officers who stand resolute and dignified in the face of the hate, and then ask his opponent if he condemns it.

All President Trump has to do is ask his opponent if he believes defunding the police is a wise idea or one that would lead to the loss of a disproportionately large number of black citizens' lives.

All President Trump has to do is tick off the names Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and ask his opponent to condemn those who would deface, desecrate, and destroy their memorials.

All President Trump has to do is make this election about the unfolding leftist revolution. Pelosi and Schumer can no longer pretend to control it and Joe Biden will be even less capable than them. All it requires is discipline and focus.

In short, Trump must embody the very essence Fox host Tucker Carlson laid out in the most prescient moment on cable news in some time.

Trump has the bully pulpit to do this. But does he have the discipline? We'll know in November.

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