Opinion: So, is this when pro-lifers are supposed to loot, riot, and burn our cities down?

by Peter Heck · Jul 1st, 2020 9:15 am

Last Updated Jul 3rd, 2020 at 9:31 pm

The Supreme Court just struck down abortion restrictions.

Just so I'm clear: This is when we pro-lifers are to take to the streets, correct?

This is when we are to defy all the standard forms of political protest and instead pick up bricks to throw through storefronts, pillage local Target stores, assault pedestrians, paint the streets, and decapitate all statues within a 20 square mile radius, yes?

And when others condemn our wanton and extravagant disregard for the rules of civilized society, when they criticize our boorishness, denounce our violence, and chastise us for our inability to express our ideas in a sophisticated manner, we tell them that we have tried that for the last half century and no one will listen, right? We say that violent upheaval is the only way we can be heard?

We quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saying, "A riot is the language of the unheard" as we torch another major city, is that right?

Through our outrage, we can expect the assistance of Hollywood and major sports figures too, I assume. They will be able to put slogans like "I'm a child, not a choice" in place of their names on their jerseys, have major shoe companies sign the most vocal and provocative among them to massive contracts, and ESPN will turn over their full programming to experts from Live Action and Center for Medical Progress.

And through it all, we pro-lifers can anticipate sympathetic media coverage demanding that others understand what they did to cause our pain. We can expect mayors to order police departments to stand down and city councils to encourage and participate in the revelry.

After all, the oppression of the unborn child is unlike any other moral tragedy of our time. We aren't talking systemic discrimination, we're talking systemic annihilation. The numbers dwarf the killing fields of Cambodia, make the ovens of Auschwitz appear empty, and rival the butchery of history's worst communist madman, be it Stalin or Mao.

Yet despite our fervent cries for deliverance, despite our prayerful witness outside the bloody temples of injustice, the Supreme Court of the United States just declared we can't even require the facilities conducting this primitive ritual of child sacrifice to be held to the same sanitary and medical health standards as doctors' offices and medical clinics.

This is far worse than Court-approved internment in Korematsu, Court-decreed segregation in Plessy, or even Court-ordained slave property of Dred Scott – as evil as all of those are. This isn't remanding Japanese citizens to barracks, black citizens to back bus seats, or African slaves to forced labor at the end of a whip. This is legal affirmation of the ability for one class of citizen to dismember another class for no reason other than mere "convenience."

This is far and away the most horrific human rights abuse in American history that when fully appreciated relegates any conversation about police brutality or disproportionate generational wealth look trivial and pedantic.

Yet for some odd reason I feel as though the advocates for the dignity of life are expected to behave differently, even as their cause is dealt yet another cruel blow – this one punctuated by the betraying concurrence of a supposed ally.

For some reason I think that treatment of any nationwide anti-abortion riot would receive nearly unanimous censure, both media and mayoral.

Why might that be?

(Author's Note: For those who somehow manage to – intentionally? – miss the obvious, this is not a call to violence or rioting. It's a call to note glaring and inexcusable cultural hypocrisy.)

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