Opinion: So many people are ignoring the left’s glaring authoritarian impulse

by Peter Heck · Oct 24th, 2020 11:48 am

Last Updated Oct 29th, 2020 at 9:31 pm

After a particularly eye-opening day in the American political world, commentator Bridget Phetasy summed up perfectly why so many who feel disappointment, disgust, or even downright revulsion at the antics of our provocateur-in-chief cannot in good conscience feel even remotely persuaded to vote for the other major party option:

I do think that there is an extraordinarily underhanded attempt to gloss over the authoritarianism of the left, pretending it is somehow less dangerous to our national character than a second Trump term. What just unfolded last week during the Amy Coney Barrett hearings is a prime example of how completely misguided that effort is.

Certainly, trying to keep up with the left's ever-changing standards on appropriate terminology to be considered woke, an ally, or enlightened, is impossible. For instance, people are commended for using the hip "people of color" phrase now, but cancelled if they say "colored people." This despite the fact that the NAACP retains its name and hasn't changed to NAAPOC.

Like I said, it's impossible.

But what occurred last week demonstrated the breathtaking rapidity with which the left will organize and act in order to shame and cancel those who don't share their ideology. During her confirmation hearings, Barrett used the innocuous phrase "sexual preference" in describing LGBT individuals. To be sure, this is the phrase that was concocted, disseminated, circulated, and advanced by the LGBT movement for years, even as recently as September 25, 2020:

But the fact that Barrett, whom the far left perceives as an ideological enemy, used it, means it must become weaponized. Thus:

Conservative firebrand Matt Walsh would later point the remarkable timeline that followed:

  • In the morning, "sexual preference" was a normalized phrase.
  • By lunchtime, the left had decided the phrase was offensive.
  • By afternoon, Democrats were publicly condemning the phrase.
  • By evening, the media were writing exposés of the phrase's inherent bigotry.
  • By nightfall, the dictionary had changed their definition of the phrase.

If you are inclined to think that's hyperbolic, please behold in all its glory:

This movement is already so powerful that it controls the media, the educational establishment, the entertainment industry, and Big Tech. Imagine for a moment if it was also given wanton, uninhibited, and unrestrained access to the levers of legislative and executive power in the country.

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