Opinion: The coming collision of feminism and transgenderism

by Peter Heck · Oct 14th, 2019 4:04 pm

Last Updated Nov 18th, 2019 at 12:57 pm

There are two powerful political entities on the left that are on a collision course. Their paths have already begun to cross, and the impending armageddon is just moments away. Simply put, feminism and transgenderism cannot coexist.

  • Feminism, by its very definition, seeks the betterment, promotion, and advancement of femininity and the female sex.
  • Transgenderism, by its very definition, seeks to obscure, blur, and eventually eliminate all boundaries of sex and gender.

How anyone can think that those two positions are compatible defies common sense. To this point, the groups were united under the banner of progressivism because they had a shared enemy. Conservatism was seen as patriarchal, antiquated, and too resistant to change. Feminists and transgender activists happily tag-teamed to undermine the popularity and diminish the influence of conservative thought in the culture.

But the thing about revolutionaries is that they will always, when given enough time, turn on one another. And that’s particularly true when the philosophical foundations of the two revolutionaries in question are so diametrically opposed.

You could see this coming not that long ago when tennis star Martina Navratilova, a pioneering icon of the gay rights movement, was booted from her spokeswoman gig for an LGBT organization because she acknowledged that biological men who are psychologically convinced they are women should not be allowed to participate in women’s athletic events.  

Navratilova logically reasoned that regardless of their state of mind, a man’s body is equipped with a sturdier skeletal and stronger muscular structure, thus giving them an unfair physical advantage that undergirds the entire concept of having divisions between men and women sports to begin with.

Then came former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies who was accused by the LGBT movement of “fueling hate” by tweeting,

“I believe there is a fundamental difference between the binary sex u r born with & the gender u may identify as. To protect women’s sport those with a male sex advantage should not be able 2 compete in women’s sport.”

And now, 16-year-old track phenom Selina Soule has taken up the cause of common sense after failing to qualify for regionals after being bumped out by two biological males.

“I’ve lost opportunities to compete at world-class tracks,” Selina said. “I’ve lost opportunities to compete in front of college coaches and gain attention, and I’ve lost opportunities to win titles.

I know that I’m not the only girl who has missed out on opportunities. There are countless other girls who have lost meets, and titles, and their drive to compete as hard as they can because they know that they’ll never be good enough to compete against these athletes.”

At some point soon, society is going to have to acknowledge this argument and settle it. Will there continue to be women’s sports? Will there be women’s world records, women’s tees, women’s gold medals, and women’s divisions? Or will science and common sense take a back seat to this latest manifestation of mankind’s rebellion to God’s moral order?

If it’s the latter, let’s be clear it isn’t just Christians and conservatives who are going to be thrown under the bus. We’ll have to make room for the feminists to join us.


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