Opinion: The left has no one to blame but themselves for this

by Peter Heck · Sep 21st, 2020 5:14 pm

Last Updated Sep 23rd, 2020 at 1:10 am

There was a time I would likely have gloried in the angst of progressive activists facing the prospect of having the single most radical revolutionary of the left's social engineering crusade, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, replaced on the Supreme Court by someone likely to be a Federalist Society-approved originalist. I'm glad to say that I've grown up a little bit.

Truthfully, I find no joy or satisfaction in observing the visceral, gut-wrenching, almost primeval wails of grief:

This kind of disturbingly unstable reaction is indicative of one who is far more than just emotionally invested in politics. It betrays a soul spiritually shackled to the pendulum of public policy, whose hope is entirely dependent upon the procuring of power, whose god is government.

Inasmuch as I find myself liberated by Christ from that manmade misery, I wish there was some polite method, some dignified manner, some gracious way to say to my dissatisfied fellow countrymen that they currently find themselves laying in a bed of their own making.

I know that sounds haughty and insensitive. I just don't know how else to say it.

Because it was the left that chose to exaggerate the role of the federal judiciary well beyond its intended constitutional scope. Theirs is the ideology that has sewn into the courts a legislative power that was never intended. Discontent to wait on the natural evolution of the culture towards their way of thinking, impatient and unwilling to invest the time and effort into the hard work of persuading the public to align with their perspective, the left made the calculated decision two generations ago to use the courts to accomplish their legislative ends.

Beginning with the Warren Court, progressive activists in black robes reinterpreted laws, ignored precedent, and imposed leftist orthodoxy through judicial legislation. Abortion was imposed on 50/50 states through unconstitutional judicial policymaking, Obamacare was inflicted upon 50/50 states through unconstitutional judicial policymaking, same-sex marriage was foisted upon 50/50 states through unconstitutional judicial policymaking.

The reason the left is in such utter agony over the prospect of another conservative jurist being appointed is because the left's calculated decision to impose its will on the majority without its consent endowed those jurists with far more power and responsibility than they ever should have wielded.

Further, despite the pleas to respect Ruth Bader Ginsburg's supposed dying wish to be replaced by the next president (which, if true, demonstrates perfectly the rank politicization of the judiciary that leftists like Ginsburg fostered), it was her own pride and stubbornness that has provoked the current situation. Even the veritable left-wing alarmists at Mother Jones knew as much two years ago:

But what about eliminating the filibuster? Again, the left and their own obsession with judicial power grabs has led them to this nightmare scenario:

Even the Hail Mary attempts to stop what is soon to be the logical, expected, and utterly constitutional presidential appointment and Senate confirmation to fill a Supreme Court vacancy are glaring demonstrations of their own self-inflicted trauma.

For instance, objecting that Republicans are "breaking constitutional and historical norms" rings painfully hollow when it is immediately followed by promises to pack the courts, destroy the filibuster outright, and abolish the electoral college. The menacing threat from Democrat leaders that "nothing is off the table" if Republicans push forward to confirm a new justice presumes that there was a time when things like packing the court were off the table for them.

Yet months before Ginsburg's death rocked the political world, liberal progressives were already talking about packing the court:

The once-fringe idea of packing the court got a major boost during the Democratic presidential primary, when several candidates said they were open to the plan or supported it…

The Progressive Change Institute, Be a Hero, Friends of the Earth, Presente and 350 are among those groups that are newly joining the call, according to organizers. Take Back the Court, Demand Justice and the Sunrise Movement, which previously backed the idea, also signed onto the open letter, [which argued],

"We simply do not have a generation's worth of time to replace judges."

Progressives have shown their hand repeatedly, conditioning conservatives and Republicans to understand precisely how far they will go to seize and wield power. They have absolutely no one to blame for their current howl-inducing plight but themselves.

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