Opinion: The left’s war on words – this isn’t "voter suppression" and this isn’t "court-packing"

by Peter Heck · Oct 16th, 2020 4:37 pm

Last Updated Oct 31st, 2020 at 12:40 am

Progressive butchery of the language is nothing new. The left has long-mastered the Orwellian art of hijacking terms and pretending they mean something entirely different than what they really mean.

  • Feticide and infanticide become "choice"
  • Moral and ethical discernment become "bigotry"
  • Runaway deficit spending becomes "investment"
  • Profit becomes "greed"

So precisely no one should have been surprised to see the left continuing that proud tradition in recent days. First came the comical reimagining of the otherwise serious issue of voter suppression.

To be clear, voter suppression is the effort to prevent specific groups of people from participating in an election. What you see in this video is a line of people – of all races, ages, sexes, and conditions – standing in line in order to vote.

Absolutely no one is suppressing them. If the argument is, "but the line is so long," it might be helpful to remember that:

  1. There are still 3 weeks to go until the election. If the line is too long today, any of those people could try tomorrow.
  2. It's a socially distanced line which makes it appear longer than what it is.
  3. This is nothing in comparison to the notoriously long lines on actual election day that happen throughout the country each presidential election year.
  4. Far from being suppressed, the Georgia Secretary of State reported that over 125,000 people voted in Georgia the day that video was posted. It's a 41% increase over the first day of voting in 2016.

Particularly given that this video is shot in the South, where voter suppression was at one point a heinously routine practice, the redefining of this practice to mean "having to stand in line" is particularly loathsome.

But if that wren't bad enough, the imminent ascendance of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is causing an emotional meltdown of epic proportions on the left. So much so that Democrat leaders have openly threatened to "pack the court" once they attain power. That phrase goes back to the 1930s when a previous Democrat president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, sought absolute power.

Fear of the economic insecurity of the Great Depression era had caused Congress to become little more than a rubber stamp for FDR's sweeping New Deal policy proposals. But the Supreme Court doggedly defended the Constitution from the president's authoritarian designs. They struck him down so frequently, so thoroughly, that FDR initiated a plan to add six new members to the bench, turning his persistent 3-6 defeats into 9-6 victories. It was a naked power play…then, as it is now.

But this time, the statists are shrewdly disguising their attempted abuse of power. To do so, they've returned to the tried and true tradition of language manipulation – recasting the entire concept of court-packing to equate it with the constitutional, legal, traditional practice of filling court vacancies as they emerge.

Just try to pretend this isn't a coordinated narrative:

For any American paying attention, the message the left sends should be as clear as it is galling: filling vacant Supreme Court seats, if done by Republicans, is always illegitimate under any circumstance. Meanwhile, Democrat violation of constitutional direction, congressional rules, and traditional norms, if punishing Republicans, is utterly legitimate.

In other words, only the left is allowed to win, and they are more than willing to rewrite the dictionary to do so.

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