Opinion: The necessary leadership of Donald Trump and John MacArthur

by Jenna Ellis · Sep 11th, 2020 6:03 am

Last Updated Sep 14th, 2020 at 6:51 am

The nature of leadership is that leaders are out in front. True leaders are the first to go into the unknown and forge a path yet untrod. The nature of battles and litigation is that sometimes leaders are compelled to pave the way for others in untested and untried areas because the matter at issue is so important.

Many leaders throughout world history would catapult society to new depths of recognizing the difference between truth and error because they took a stand. The Protestant Reformation was built upon one leader saying simply, "Here I stand, I can do no other," and willingly facing unknown persecution and trial for proclaiming the truth of God.

Our American civil government was built upon our Founding Fathers standing firm in recognizing and abiding the truth that our rights come from God our Creator, when they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor defending our inalienable rights against a government system that had grievously trampled upon free exercise of religion.

We have a great heritage from all of the men and women throughout world history who chose to be leaders in their time and era to stand firm for the truth and the biblical principles of God's institutions of civil government, church, and the family. These immutable truths have withstood attacks from every side because we had leaders willing to stand up immovably in the truth of God, without fear of man's judgment or ridicule. Truth is more important to real leaders than man's and media's false opinion.

President Trump is the leader at this moment in world history who is standing firm for truth in civil government. Regardless of the incessant false and maligning attacks, he consistently does what is right by exercising the powers of his office to protect our God-given rights. He understands why it is necessary to protect our American system of limited government and everything our Founding Fathers fought and died for to give us this great land of opportunity, founded on the novel recognition that civil government exists not for its own power, but to protect the rights of every human being made in God's own image.

This is not a campaign slogan for President Trump. This is conviction that compelled him to leave his private billionaire life and become a public servant. When you really consider how great is his sacrifice for our country, you can begin to understand how great is his love for our country and how genuine and strong his leadership.

John MacArthur is the leader at this moment in world history who is standing firm for truth in the Church. Before the novel coronavirus ever existed, Pastor MacArthur preached for 51 years the truth of the Gospel of Christ and the necessity of being the Church to the world. Now, in a series of events no one could have anticipated and in the face of possible arrest and jail, Pastor MacArthur is simply continuing to do what he has done every day previously: standing firm, preaching the truth of the Gospel of Christ.

This is not a rebellion for Pastor MacArthur. This is conviction that compelled him to face hostile persecution from a rebellious local government and continue to be the pastor his community and congregation may rely upon. He has taught for over half a century the importance of civil authority, and also the necessary limits of that authority upon the church.

Importantly, both President Trump and Pastor MacArthur are standing firm that church is essential. God in society is essential. Our American system of government is founded on the moral recognition of Judeo-Christian values. First Amendment protections including religious freedom and peaceful assembly, pro-life, Second Amendment rights, and good judges who will hold the political branches accountable are all essential to a morally upright, well-ordered society.

Our Constitution was fought for, debated over, and ultimately ratified by statesmen and clergy with precisely the same courage in conviction to stand for truth as President Trump and Pastor MacArthur. I cannot think of two men more necessary for America today, and I am grateful for their leadership.

We need these true, courageous leaders in civil government and the church, and we have them in President Trump and Pastor MacArthur. Let us endeavor to follow their leadership and vote for four more years of President Trump's civil leadership and also support and celebrate Pastor MacArthur's church leadership in recognizing the inalienable right to free exercise of religion. America's reliance on the courage and wisdom of President Trump and Pastor MacArthur will be permanently fixed in world history as the necessary leaders of our era.

Jenna Ellis is a constitutional law attorney, senior legal adviser to the Trump 2020 campaign, and personal counsel to President Trump. She is also Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society, representing Pastor MacArthur and Grace Community Church.


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