Opinion: The one reaction to Georgia’s Senate runoffs I will never understand

by Peter Heck · Jan 10th, 2021 10:09 pm

Last Updated Jan 15th, 2021 at 10:03 pm

Among all the gleeful celebrations on the left and woeful commiserations on the right following the utterly predictable Democrat sweep of Georgia's two Senate runoff elections this week, there was a bizarre undercurrent reaction that left me more than a little curious.

Within the commentariat of historic black church leaders, there was an unrestrained eruption of celebratory delight that conveyed a sentiment of Jubilee. Not "jubilee" but "Jubilee" – as in ancient Israel, and the liberation of slaves.

It started with Christian rapper Lecrae performing at the get-out-the-vote rally for Senators-elect Warnock and Ossoff, where he strangely intoned, "Make sure you take your shackles off your feet and walk to the polls." I know it's figurative, but what reckless and dishonest hyperbole.

That theme was echoed though by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter, Bernice King, when she celebrated the election outcome similarly:

Really? What is? The fact that Republican infighting depressed turnout and that black voters showed up in large numbers to support a lily-white liberal and a man facing domestic violence allegations who happens to be black?

For the life of me I do not understand the mind-hold the corrupt, modern Democrat Party has over so many unique, gifted, intelligent black citizens.

I mean, look:

Again, all this for Democrats narrowly controlling the U.S. Senate for at least 2 years, and the possibility of pushing through a few pieces of legislation?

Will it be progressive Democrat legislation similar to the progressive Democrat legislation that has governed virtually every major urban center in the country for generations? That's what evokes this kind of elation? Nationalizing the policies implemented in places like Baltimore, Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles, where black lives have done anything but experience improvement?

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There is nothing "just" about the conditions Democrat politicians have almost unilaterally inflicted on black citizens for the last century. Why that party's ascendancy to temporary federal power elicits the language of deliverance from men and women who also profess to follow the true Deliverer of human souls I will never understand.

Of course, Warnock is a black preacher who embraces and promotes critical race theory – an extremely popular, if heretical, teaching that is dominant within this sector of American evangelicalism. But still, shouldn't Warnock's checkered past that includes working to cover up incidents of child abuse at his own church camp, corroborated allegations of spousal abuse, and professional connections to communist dictators as notoriously wicked as Fidel Castro, be enough to subdue the shouts of ecstasy from those pledged as the bride of Christ?

And before we go down this road, there's no room for "whataboutism" in the Church. If it's sinful and shameful to embrace Trumpianity, it is equally reprehensible to hail Democratianity. Christians cannot and must not use someone else's deficiencies as a reason to loosen their own moral resolve. That is, if our first and primary commitment is to Christ and His Kingdom rather than man and his weak counterfeits.

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but evoking imagery of the resurrection of Christ to depict Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock winning a runoff election in Georgia would seem to call that commitment into question for far too many people who should know better.


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