Opinion: This isn’t defending abortion, this is worshiping it

by Peter Heck · Mar 9th, 2020 1:30 pm

A month ago, then Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang made what is today a most controversial statement in the party he claims as home:

"We have to get back to the point where nobody should be celebrating abortion."

He's right, of course. The tendency to see abortion as a moral good is as profound a commentary on the decayed state of an individual's ethical conscience as you could contrive. Given that the science of embryology now prohibits any rational mind from believing what is conceived in the womb is anything other than a distinct, living human being, defense of abortion has become a wanton embrace of self-worship, materializing in its most malevolent form: destroying the life of another for personal convenience.

Since science has become the enemy, pro-abortion advocates avoid it like the plague. Notice, for instance, how socialist representative and abortion fanatic Alexandria Ocasio Cortez recently ran away with her tail between her legs when Senator Ted Cruz asked her the simple question of when science tells us an unborn child feels physical pain. The overly loquacious socialist, who seems to have an opinion on everything, went mute despite having picked the fight by mocking Cruz for his denial of…get ready for it…science.

So where does that leave the pro-abortion movement these days? Science now officially off limits, the justification for the act has become tied to a grotesque perversion of female empowerment: "Look what I can achieve if I am allowed to dispose of my child rather than being forced to care for her." Do you notice what that statement is? It's exactly what Andrew Yang called it – a celebration of an act that ends a human life.

It's startling, chilling, and beyond disturbing how mainstream this is becoming. Late last week, at a pro-abortion rally held on the steps of the Supreme Court building, the American people saw it laid bare.

After Yang had made his statement last month, a CNN writer by the name of Jeff Yang (no relation) blasted him arguing that "no one celebrates abortion." Go back and watch the previous clip and try reconciling Jeff Yang's defense with Renee Bracey Sherman screeching:

"Where the abortion providers at? Where the future abortion providers at? Woooo! And a special shout out. To where my people who had abortions? Wooooo!"

Not that she was alone. Two Congresswomen, part of the ignominious "Squad" chimed in as well. Ayanna Pressley thundered:

It's a sick irony that women like Pressley can make statements like, "I stand ready as a partner in this battle to protect the will of the people and ensure every person has the right to self-determination…" without realizing that her entire reason for being there that day was to stand as a partner in the battle to deprive certain persons the right to self-determination by ending their lives against their will.

Equally ironic was Representative Rashida Tlaib, who managed to tone down her notoriously profane mouth enough to complain about the attempting, "policing of our bodies," apparently unaware of the fact that policing what people do with their bodies – particularly when it comes to murdering another human being – has always been something civil governments are tasked with policing.

I understand that this is an easy issue to exploit for these powerful figures. But at what point will they remove themselves from the dark ages of self-serving Molech worship and instead put their aggressive energies towards helping women in difficult situations bring their precious children into the world? Shouldn't that be a goal worthy of all our support?

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