Opinion: Joe Biden wants to MAC (Make America California)

by Peter Heck · Sep 12th, 2020 8:04 am

Last Updated Sep 12th, 2020 at 10:11 pm

Journalists Lauren Rosenhall and Ben Christopher wrote a piece just days ago that you probably haven't heard about, but that should – if Americans were capable of thinking beyond their tribal political alliances – obliterate any chance that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get anywhere close to the White House. And it has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

In fact, perhaps the wisest things Republicans could do at this point would be to make public – very public – the thesis of Rosenhall and Christopher's piece. They wrote over at the publication CalMatters:

With Democrats holding all the political power in California for nearly the last decade, the Golden State has evolved into a laboratory of big blue ideas. Put a price on carbon? We've done it. Ban assault weapons? We've done that too. Gun control, minimum wage hikes and two years of free community college are also realities here.

Democratic candidates for president — with rare exceptions — don't typically point to California as a model, at least not explicitly. But many of the major policies that former Vice President Joe Biden is proposing are already in place here to some degree.

With the assistance of two other colleagues, the authors go on to list nine significant areas of policy that, if elected, Biden and Harris would bring from her home state to the rest of us.

  1. $15 an hour minimum wage
  2. Paid family leave for workers
  3. Marijuana legalization
  4. Elimination of cash bail
  5. 100% greenhouse gas emission-free
  6. Ban "assault weapons" and "high-capacity" magazines
  7. Gun confiscation from those the government deems "threats"
  8. "Free" college
  9. Make Uber/Lyft-style companies subject to employer regulations

If Trump wanted to "Make America Great Again" or "Keep America Great," it's fair to say that Biden wants to "Make America California." And that's precisely what wise Republicans will focus on heading into the home stretch of this election.

See, there's a reason that, as Rosenhall and Christopher write, Democratic candidates "don't typically point to California as a model." The reason they're referring to is the fact that despite being one of the largest, most resource-rich, naturally endowed areas of the world, the best and brightest are fleeing the state.

The reason is that despite having a broad economic base, vast streams of capital, and once-solidly reliable infrastructure, citizens now wake up to third-world reminders like this from their mayors:

In other parts of the country that aren't sweltering under the weight of progressive mismanagement, power outages are inconveniences. For Californians, they are a way of life.

The reason is that having been under the singular control of the Democrat Party for a generation, with nothing but leftist policy initiatives being enacted, far from a utopia, Democrats have created an economically stagnant and socially strained gutter state.

The reason is that despite dutifully returning the same politicians with the same ideas to the same positions of power, citizens of the state continue falling deeper into the peasantry as their pseudo-benevolent political masters reign from well-furnished palaces.

No question that there's something far preferable about running a positive, hopeful campaign of ideas rather than marketing yourself as "better than the alternative." But when your opponent is essentially promising the Californication of America, it's impossible not to remind your fellow citizens what that looks like.

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