The LGBT movement opens a new front in its war on reason

by Peter Heck · Sep 4th, 2019 2:15 pm

Last Updated Nov 20th, 2019 at 4:28 pm

Pink News touts itself as, “the world’s most read and watched LGBT+ digital media publisher.” If that’s the case, and for the record I’m willing to take their word for it, my heart breaks over the intentional misinformation, distortion, dishonesty, and deception that floods those precious souls who have sought refuge and identity in this LGBT social movement.

Conservatives and Christians used to warn about the physical consequences that unquestionably arise from all sexual relationships, including homosexual and promiscuous ones, outside of God’s guardrails. But one thing that has really been impressed upon me in our current era is how woefully inadequate our warnings were about the mental and psychological consequences that have come from this same sexual revolution. In a word, it’s devastating.

For example, Pink News recently ran a video that, when I first saw it, left me convinced I had just viewed a poorly made parody of the current state of the LGBT political movement. Imagine my surprise to find out it wasn’t intentionally and provocatively unreasonable. It was real.

The video was produced in an effort to address the apparently pressing issue of whether one could be a “non-binary lesbian.” For the purposes of clarification, though most people are aware that a lesbian is a woman who is attracted romantically and sexually to another woman, the term “non-binary” has been coined to refer to an individual who does not believe they are a woman or a man. They claim to reject the “binary” choice of being either male or female, instead choosing to identify somewhere on a sliding scale of gender identity.

Here’s an actual excerpt from the video:

“I think it’s sort of disingenuous to claim that you can’t be both non-binary and a lesbian because you can definitely have an authentic lesbian experience as a non-binary person.

Because, at the end of the day, they are terms. They are linguistic tools to describe an experience that already exists. So someone telling me that I can’t be a non-binary lesbian doesn’t mean anything because I already am one.”

Pause for a moment to consider just how flagrantly those few lines alone completely contradict logic and common sense. An “authentic lesbian experience” would necessarily involve a girl and a girl. A non-binary person claims to not be a girl. Thus, any experience of a non-binary person could not, by definition, be “an authentic lesbian experience.”

But none of that matters of course. Proving its flagrant and intentional defiance of reality and reason, the Pink News activists say that my simple application of deductive reasoning, “doesn’t mean anything because I already am [a non-binary lesbian].”

This all reads as a parody. If you doubt that, consider the actual parody of this video and compare it to the real thing:

When the parody struggles to become as outrageous as the original, the whole situation loses humor and becomes incredibly sad. There is such a better way.


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